53 Assembly: nothing to something

After checking on a for sale ad that included a 5 window cab it turned out to be quite the take. The seller really did not want to part with just the cab alone so it became a huge package deal for 2.5 trucks! This is the biggest pull for us so far, it took us two trips back and forth to get everything. We’ll post each of the complete trucks separate; the first is a 3 window 1953 3100 with some pretty cool patina. It has the original motor/driveline, all bolted together and in tact, plus some nice options like brake booster and 12V alternator. Its a super cool truck but not being a 5 window its going to hit the for sale lot pretty quick. If your interested let us know, for sale by 6/23/19.

Post 1. Introduction photos

YUCK! How about a makeover…
The beginning….
Can you guess which half is the clean one?
Dying for a bath
Ok, last one, can you tell which side is clean?
Pretty good looking now!
Here’s a time lapse for the assembly of the missing fenders, grill, bumper and inners.
Photo shoot day

If your interested in purchasing this truck email us boltsrightup[at]gmail.com