1957 Big Window

It may not look like a lot of truck, but its really solid and came with a ton of spare parts! The truck is 1957 Chevy 3100 big back window, my first big window. The nice guy that sold the truck had already invested a bunch of work in the cab, it really wont take too much to get this one finished up and ready to drive. Along with the truck we were given a few grills, a mountain of hardware, couple dashes, patch panels, and plenty of glass. A great start to this 57 build!

It came with a brand NEW bed!
Now thats a big back window!
Has a sunroof… not sure how I feel about it yet
I think I like the smooth front firewall

Back to work!

It’s been a few days since the last post, but thats hasn’t meant we haven’t been working. We had had the blaster over a couple weeks ago, the 57 cab has been media blasted and epoxy primed, ready for the next phase.

This silky black epoxy makes the big window look even better than it is
Tossed it on the 55 chassis while we used the rotisserie… not a bad fit!
Some day soon this big window is going to be an awesome truck!