The 58er

This cool truck was our completion to having a truck from each year 1949 to 1959 (plus a few duplicates)! Its a little rusty but its all there; unfortunately a tree fell on the drivers front fender and ruin it but the rest seems great. It has a chevy 350 and TH350 under it currently, we’ll see how those look after we get it home and get under the hood.

Stock rear and chassis
Here’s that big v8
Floor panels are gone but the dash is nice
Only 71K miles! (remember, it is 60 years old)
VIN and title matching

First take…

Decided to poke around on the motor today, see what we have here. It was connected tranny, driveshaft, would be nice if a little fuel in the take and it turned over right? hah… no chance

So the motor wouldn’t turn over and was bothering me, rather than let it sit in the yard we decided to pull it.

Couple slick foot maneuvers to make it fit and it popped right out
Let’s tear down and see what we got, shall we?
Empty, ready for the next step!