Henry, the 1949 Chevy Pickup

The first truck in my fleet that sparked the fire, my 1949 Chevrolet 3100 pickup. It was barely running when when I found I but had all the right components and needed some attention. With a couple small items it was running around town like a champ

Post 2. Chrome updates

I wanted to share with everyone a little personal info about Henry, he’s now become a local icon in town as I drive him just about every chance I can get (when don’t mind sweating). He has the been the local parts runner, grocery getter, tire hauler, mower mover… and the list goes on. So from time to time I am proud to make some cosmetic updates on my old pal, it’s always rewarding!

Let’s start with the handles
Took the door handles apart, just in case anyone else is doing this on a 47-54, its really worth it to do and I would say its on an “easy” level to do. Clean all the parts, I left mine in a cleaner bath overnight and then installed new spring. Handles are perfect now!
While I was at it I added the steel fringe around the inner panel too
Last but not least for this round was a new wooden steering wheel. I felt this style really helped tie everything together

Post 1. The introduction to Henry

  • New radiator
  • A couple freeze plugs
  • Starter
  • All new brakes, disks, cylinders, reservoir, rotors
  • Rebuilt carb
  • HEI cap, advance
  • Spark plugs and wires
  • A few less wires dangling
  • Antique oouga horn
  • Fuel cell
  • Tires & wheels
Nice and clean intake
Cracked freeze plug was a treat to get to
This was the carb.. I can’t believe it drove around the yard when it bought it
Carb jets
Starting to come together now
Great day photo op
Henry deserved some new trim
Gauge cluster rebuild
New headliner plus high temp insulation mat in the roof
Matching upper door panels too!
Very nice new one piece custom floor installed. Custom in the sense this is NOT regular floor material for these trucks but man is it sweet!
Slight tick has been bothering me and a spare set of headers kicking around, installed passenger side shorty, new valve cover gasket and a clean up.
Straight and level aspect make me happy
Bolts Right Up!
Henry was running around town swapping the wheels on the jeep tires today